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mia :)
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Oct. 1, 1995
Interested In:
Men, Women
The Perv Shack
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3 days, 7 hours
PERVanese lol *_*
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Fun Facts About Mia
- im tall and short at the same time.
-i might be addicted to Snicker's Ice Cream.
-i just wanna go to the park on my birthday lol.
-i want a kitty and a puppy to make cute videos.
-if you want me to show my face, tip me 2,222tks. otherwise, just chill.
-*lights a jay
-my favorite color is lavender/lilac (like below)
-top flight security of the world craig! -mike epps
-im starting to like stockings a bit too much.
-ive been playing volleyball since middle school.
-paul mooney makes me laugh so hard.
-i like all kinds of music. tip 88tks for a song request.
-fav movies: harlem nights, jumper, willie dynamite, time travelers wife.
-i would lick rihanna's forehead lmao.
-i could eat salad everyday.
-my best beauty secret: lemon/honey water. & a loving penis.
-*puts jay out
-Wanna know something else? within reason, just ask :)

"Everybody in this town wanna know me now.
Cause every honey in this town wanna hold me down.
Roll me round cause I'm brown like a blunt,
So put it in the sky and tell me what you want" -Shwayze

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